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Handbags Wholesale Market Yiwu China Overview

Yiwu handbags wholesale market is really an excellent choice for you to buy handbags. From F area to G area, there are about 1500 shops which special in bags. No matter small quality, or high quality, you all can find what you want here.

If your target market is top grade, then you should have a careful visit in F area, as there are many Guangdong factories in that part. Their designs and styles update very fast, about every week there are new models, every 3 month, they will change most of the samples in the shop.

For handbags, there are many different materials: PU, polyester, half PU, nylon, canvas, jeans (very popular this year)…and so on. These are all available in this market. However among so many materials, PU bags still account about 60% of the total. PU bags are always the best seller, as they definitely are protagonist in the fashion accessories.

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Handbags Wholesale Market Yiwu China MOQ, Lead Time:

The outstanding advantage to purchase in Ywu market is “not-that-big” MOQ. However, different materials of handbags, MOQ are different.

For PU bags, normally, you have to order 200pcs for 1 design, and 4 colors you can choose. Few shops require 100pcs 1 color at least.

As for canvas bags, the MOQ normally is 100pcs/coluor, some ask for 200pcs/colour. Jean handbags are the same with canvas bags.

For polyester handbag, such as beach bags, the MOQ is 200pcs/colour, 600pcs for one design.

The delivery time for those handbags is all about 20-30days. PU bags usually take longer time than other bags.

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