QA Tips for Handbags in YIWU Market

- By Cally

The shops in Yiwu market are not like big factories in Guangdong, many native factories here are more like family factories. There are always problems come up during production.

However, according to our experience, still many of the factories in yiwu are very dedicated and responsible. If there are any changes happen, they will report to us in time.

QA Tips

What’s customers concern most? Undoubtedly, quality. So as a customer want to purchase handbags here, you need pay more attention to some points.

●When you place the order in the shop, you‘d better cut a small piece of the fabric of each color you picked. As the fabric you choose decide the price to large extend, many fabric looks alike, but the price differ.

●You also should take a high solution pictures to the bags, especially the details, like the hardware, the strap… For the hardware, the price for sliver color is slightly cheaper than the golden color. Normally, for big handbags, there should have long straps. For small handbags, sometimes have 3 straps (chain) for different length.

●Of course, it’s better to get a real sample. But normally, there is only one sample in the shop for display, so the supplier are not willing to give you even sell you. But you can ask those suppliers to send you one sample in advance when production.

●According to our experience, for big handbags, it’s better to pack 50pcs in one carton and use the woven bags outside.

Handbags donot like other daily consumable goods, there are some uncontrollable factors, like the fabric, the parts, and the hardware. So you need make some adjustments during the process.

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