3 Ways to Buy Jewelry from Yiwu Wholesale Market without travelling

Lily, a local jewelry agent in Yiwu market, shows us 3 ways of how she helped her customers buy jewelry from Yiwu wholesale market without travelling, when Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on.

1. Customer Know Where to Buy

When customers know where to buy, which shop to buy jewelry from Yiwu market,  they simply tell Lily the location, then Lily help them select products by video call, then follow up everything till shipping.

2. Customer Know What to Buy but not specific

Customers know what to buy, but they are not specific enough of what to buy. They want to see what's available, esp. the new designs, then decide.

Lily helps them by video shopping, then select products, then follow up everything till shipping.

3. Customer Know Exactly What to Buy

Customer send product details include pictures to offer directions for Lily, Lily then locate potential suppliers in advance, then video shopping with customers to select designs and confirm details, then follow up orders, control quality and arrange shipping.

* Buyers need to be prepared for some internet connection problems and small quality problems before taking this approach. It's the best if buyers knows exactly what to buy and knows fashion jewelry business. It works!

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