Yiwu Market Opens Up After CNY Holiday!

4 Facts You May Not Know about Yiwu Toys Market

#1 Only 20% Shops Can Be Called Manufacturers

Most visitor will have one question after looking around this market, are they all factories or all wholesalers/traders?

the answer it is 80% wholesalers/distributors, the rest are factory/manufacturers.

The easiest way to check is, see their sample in their booth. A real factory usually can only focus on 1-2 material/series of product. You can also check if they react fast to make a sample / change a product  for you.

A showroom specialized in glow toys in Yiwu market - Toys SectionA showroom specialized in glow toys in Yiwu market

#2 Wholesalers & Factories Can All Help

If you plan to start or just start toys business, wanna to find some new product in this market and test to sell, then you need wholesaler.

a. NO high MOQ to worry about, you can just order each item 1-2 CTN to test the sale.

b. Wholesale provide big variety /design/mold, easily order together in 1 shop.

c. BETTER after-sales service. Wholesaler always keep good relationship with factory, esp. when an established wholesaler. Their work brings significant orders to factory which already makes them weight more than a first time small buyer. They can usually get better reactions from factory once you complain.

d. Good price. 1- 2 CTN order almost same as 100CTN order, it is just around 1-2 % difference.     

A party items wholesaler in Yiwu market.A party items wholesaler in Yiwu market.

If you run your toys business for quite a long time and have kept a stable volume. Then you need a factory/manufacture because you both know the product very well and then 

a. To control goods quality after you check their factory. 

b. To get better price, because you directly buy from factory.

c. To easy branding on your product, e.g change package, add logo, customize design.

A mask supplier inside Yiwu market.A mask supplier inside Yiwu market.

#3 Not All Suppliers Have Proper Certificates

To import from China to Your country, better do some homework first for the toys certification your customs require.

NOT all the suppliers here can provide certification for their product. In fact, over half of them can not provide any certificates for their products.

Some supplier have certificate, but just for a certain item (specific size or specific mold No.), not for all. If your country policy it is quite strict, please be sure about these before placing orders.

You can ask supplier to give you a copy of certification to check first once you enter their booth.  

Once they tell you have, normally they usually have CE, EN71 test report. Fewer suppliers have ASTM test report.

#4 This Market Helps You Make Up Your Own Toy

A real good designed toy can bring HUGE profit. This huge market can help on this part.

a. You need to find a right supplier, whose product lines are similar to your toy.

b. Check available existing designs and ask your questions. 

c. Give your approximate purchase quantity so they can give approximate quotes. (Of course, your QTY need reach the MOQ).

Yiwu market offers a very good place for you to study feasibility of your own toys. You can also easily revise base on some existing designs, to make it YOUR toys.

My European customer wants to make several dinosaurs with crayons.My European customer wants to make several dinosaurs with crayons.
A final dinosaur with crayons we made, with help of this market.The final dinosaur-with-crayons we made, with help of this market.

*This article is written by Tony Chen who has helped overseas buyers import toys from Yiwu market since 2014. He is focus on helping buyers sourcing toys from all over China now. Leave a message below, we will back to you soon. 

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