We sell products primarily on Amazon in the U.S.

by Philip

I'm planning to be in Yiwu with my business partner in December 8-10. We sell products primarily on Amazon in the U.S.
I am interested in learning more about your services offered.


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Nov 15, 2016
we provide one-stop agent service to help Amazon buyers buy from China
by: Mike

Dear Philip, thank you very much for the message.

Basically we provide one-stop agent service to help Amazon buyers buy from China, esp. in Yiwu area, which includes market guide/translate, develop products/package, labels and bar codes, order follow up, goods collection and QC, consolidate then arrange shipping (even by fulfillment center) etc, you can have our service details from below link and let me know if have any questions.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nov 15, 2016
Could you elaborate your charge?
by: Phil

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the message. I liked reading through the articles on your website, it was very informative. From one particular article it sounds like you understand the quality that is needed to retail on a US site like Amazon. From your market/products tabs it sounds like you may even know which shops have higher quality products?

I've been struggling a little bit to understand how the commission structure works. Could you elaborate? Does the commission include all the services mentioned below (order, follow up, collection, QC, consolidate, etc)?

A little bit about us, we typically have a sourcing agent work with manufacturers direct in China. Our manufacturers typically have space in their facility to hold the product until our freight forwarder picks it up. Our company policy is typically to start with orders 500-1000 units. If we find the product sells well, we quickly scale up to 3000 and 5000 unit orders. We're working on the list of products that we'll be looking for in Yiwu.

I saw the rate for an agent was $66 a day. Would we be able to break those hours up across two days?
Let me know if you have any ideas on how to best work together.


Nov 15, 2016
we work for 5-8% for most of our Amazon clients
by: Mike

Dear Philip,

As we also have customers they buy products then sell on Amazon, we do know some products and some suppliers. But it is different from customers to customers, as we all know one supplier can not be fit for all customers demands. Basically if we get more information about the products details & requirements we can do a better preparation, you can let us know once your products list finalized.

For our commission chart, we charge based on your total order amount and supplier numbers, e.g if you order 15,000usd from between 10-19 suppliers, the commission is 6.5%, and if you from 1-9 suppliers at same amount, the commission is 6%, as it takes more time to follow up with more suppliers. And it includes order, follow up, goods collection and QC, arrange shipping etc. This is for standard purchase.

For Amazon buyers, when developing products & package involved, we do need to increase our commission by 1-3%. We usually start from a flat commission with our Amazon clients for first few orders to trial, then adjust as we go. Most of our Amazon clients are working on 5-8% with us now. This commission covers basically all services needed include managing photographs.

We can start with a short meeting at the beginning, we offer some basic guidelines & map for market browsing. Then you can check the market by yourself first. Once you locate some potential showrooms, you can have our professional guide to be with you for one full day or half a day to verify/confirm order details. This could be more efficient for both of us.

If all these are ok for you, you can submit a booking via below link. Kindly note we require a deposit of 65USD to confirm your booking so we can add you in our calendar then do the preparation accordingly. We use PayPal or Western Union.

Here is the booking link: https://www.yiwu-market-guide.com/yiwu-agent-service.html

Thanks and looking for your reply.

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