The size of the actual space is the size of a small town. Add 50% more on top of the prices you see in the market here.

by Elijah

Hello, My name is Elijah and I am an American student, studying at Pepperdine University in California. I was studying abroad in Shanghai when I first came across Yiwu's wholesale market. I took a quick two hour train ride to this foreign place to find out what all the commotion was about.

When I first arrived at the market I was extremely overwhelmed, all of the blog posts and websites were more than accurate. The size of the actual space is the size of a small town. You can spend a whole month in Yiwu and still not cover the whole entire market. Before I left for the trip I messaged Jack, and stated my interest in the market. I asked if I could sit down with him and go over some important questions I had before investing.

Here are some of those questions. To prefix this Q & A, my main mode of selling will be through Amazon FBA.

Q: What percent do you charge your customers for your service?
A: Between 3%-8% of products cost, or 15USD per hour when percentage doesn’t apply.

Q: What does your service exactly entail?
A: From sourcing products, locating factories, developing products & package, to market/factory visits, order follow up and quality control, collection and inspection, then shipping products to port / door.

Q: How does the shipping work inside China?
A: Shipping inside China before products are on water is called “inland charge”. This charge covers products out of factory till products on water. This works for sea shipping for full container load (FCL) or less than full container load(LCL). For door to door shipping, you don’t need to concern anything about shipping inside or outside of China. Just receive goods at your door.

Q: Are a majority of your customers using Amazon's FBA?
A: No, currently about 10% of customers are using FBA.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for products Amazon sellers who just starting out?
A: Find something you're passionate about. Or, you’re REALLY GOOD AT (you’re an expert for that). If you really want to be successful then you really need to know your product as well as its market. The way to earn money is to build yourself a brand and gain customer loyalty.

Q: What other costs will I be running to after the product leaves you?
A: There are a few costs that every importer faces.

1.China inland charges usually 5-10% of your products cost incl. your agents’ commission.

2.Sea freight usually 1-5% of your products cost.

3.Your end inland charges usually adds another 1-5% of your products cost.

4.Tax and duty 0%-30% of your products cost.

Generally speaking, 50% more on top of the prices you see in the market here. For example, you see a water bottle for 1.00$ in the market here, then 1.50$ will be your cost to have this bottle in US. If you need to earn 0.25$ for each bottle, you have to sell it for 2.00USD.

Those are most of the questions that Jack answered for me. He is a very reliant an honest man, Which one can tell from reading about his personal journey in this website. He is here every step of the way for new customers like myself. Jack and his team make them self readily available for any questions, comments, or concerns.

I have done quite a bit of research on agents here in Yiwu. And have even worked with a few in Shenzhen but I have found that Jack is the most honest and reliable of all sourcing agents that I have met. If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me to my email my name: Elijah.Zoars, AT, my university name: pepperdine edu. You will need to put a dot before edu.

I am relatively new to this process as well but I have done extensive research in this market and have found it to be successful.

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Mar 13, 2017
Good talking
by: Jack

Hi Elijah, thank you for the questions. Hope other new visitors will find this sharing useful.

It was good talking with you.

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