How We Repack, Inspect & Ship for Online (Amazon, Ebay) Sellers?

Take Caster Wheels for Example:

1-collection-with-preliminary-quality-checkcollection with preliminary quality check

We do a preliminary quality check when collect, to see if major quality issues pop out. 

If major quality problems found, return for exchange (if possible); if no major problems, go to next step:

2-extensive-inspection-pick-out-defectionsExtensive Inspection to Pick Out Defects

We go further to perform a through (100%) inspection, to pick out defects.

3-defectives-picked-out-1Broken wheels are picked out

3-defectives-picked-out-2Scratched wheels are picked out.

Then we put defects aside, put qualified ones into inner box, with certain ratio, according to customer's requirement.

4-0-qualified-wheels-put-into-innner-boxes-with-different-ratioQualified products are put into inner box, with certain ratio.

This ratios is 2 swivel plus 2 fixed:

4-1-ratio-of-2-swivel-2-fixedSet of wheels with 2 swivel and 2 fixed.

Then a bag of screws sets are put in:

4-2-pack-of-screw-setsA bag of screw sets to go together with set of wheels.

Then, a bag of silica gel is put in:

4-3-bag-of-silica-gel-desiccantA bag of silica gel desiccant is put in to keep try.

Now we have a box of wheels, accessories(screw sets) , silica gel:  

4-4-inner-box-contains-wheels-screws-silica-gel-2An inner box contains wheels,screws,silica gel.

Inner boxes are close and labeled:

Then put into master cartons:

5-1-inner-box-put-into-master-boxInner boxes put into master cartons

Master cartons are closed and labeled with marks :

6-master-box-with-clear-marks-stacked-upMaster box labels with clear marks, ready to ship.

Container arrived, empty: 

Container arrived at repack place.Container arrived at repack place.

Container loaded with pallets of repacked, 100% inspected, ready to ship out, retail box of wheels.

Seller can DIRECT ship out after they receive this shipment.  

Container loaded with pallets of fully repacked,inspected wheels.Container loaded with pallets of fully repacked,inspected wheels.

What about the empty space in container? (can not load more because of weight limit control)

8-1-container-empty-spaceMore than half of container is empty.

We fill up some REPACKED, 100% INSPECTED Yoga mats.

8-2-fill-up-with-repacked-yoga-matsEmpty container space filled up with Yoga mats

Container filled full:

9-container-loaded-with-wheels-yoga-matsContainer loaded full with fully repacked, inspected, read-to-ship caster wheels and Yoga mats!

Same for The Bag of Screws:

Screws collected with-preliminary quality checked:

1-screws-collected-with-preliminary-quality-checkScrews collected with-preliminary quality checked.

Screws nuts, bolts, sealants are packed into bags with CERTAIN ratio:

2-00-screws-packed-into-bags-with-certain-ratioScrews packed into bags with certain ratio.

Scales are used for determine quantity. 


Defects are picked out:

3-0-defects-bolts-picked-out-before-putting-into-bagsRusted bolts are picked out before packing.

Defective parts are picked out:

3-1-defects-nuts-were-picked-out-for-this-productionDefects nuts were picked out before packing.

Total 40% of defective nuts were picked out: 

Screws are fully repacked and inspected, ready to be packed with wheels:

4-screws-fully-packed-inspected-in-bags-2Screws fully packed in bags, inspected, ready to go with wheels.

What About Box?

We make inner box for our customers, according to product after-repack-size:

make inner box as per after-repack-sizeBoxes we made for our customers as per after-repack-size


10-2-inner-boxes-assembledInner box are assembled before put in wheels.

We can make color box too:

10-3-inner-boxes-we-made-for-our-customerColor box we made for our customer.

*That's all for now. We also have experience with repack, inspect LED signs, glass jars, fitness balls... Hope i can update some later.

Let me put a camera screenshot to end this paragraph. 

Camera to record repack and inspection working place.Work at late hours for repack and inspection, to meet a coming container load next day.

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