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Hi Jack,

The homepage is awesome, it helped me a lot.I m from germany and have a few questions.Last month i was in yiwu first time to get some experience. Sad that i saw your site AFTER my trip :)

Anyway, the most items i saw where produced for the chinese market, which means all the manuals or prints on the products where written in chinese or english.But i m looking for items which i can sell in germany.Here in germany i never saw any chinese letters on the boxing etc.

How they get those items in their foreign language?I saw many stuff which i were interested in but i can t sell it like this.And thats why i didn t bought them.

The receipts are very funny. It s just a piece of paper without any stamp or description in english which i could show the german tax office.just some chinese words and some prices.They don t even know how to write a real "invoice".Why is that?Actually they should know it because i m not the first customer they saw.

I paid cash but i was little scared that i never receive my items or maybe next day they will just be like : "hum? who are you?"Did you ever heard about cheatings like that?

Do you have german talking agents?

thanks in advance



Dear M,

Jack Yang here. Thank you very much for your message. It's a pity we didn't come across earlier.

Regarding your questions:

#1 Normally, the suppliers can provide English packing, or blank packing. That's all. If you need your own packing, we will have to get a packing company.

#2 For invoices, shipping and customs papers, it's all done by export service agents like us. Most suppliers in the market just bring products from factory to Yiwu. That's it.

#3 Normally, they don't say"hum, who are you?". But there is always a risk of quality for collecting without any QC. There is a danger that you may not receive your products because they don't know how to ship, or they write your addr. wrong.

We have a few customers in Germen now. But i'm not sure what do you mean by "talking agent". Can you also let me know more about your business? so i can see how we can help you in the future. 

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