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Inland Freight Charge from Yiwu to FOB Ningbo

Why is there an Inland Freight Charge?

Probably you never heard of inland freight charge even you've been importing from China for a long time. But if you had imported from Yiwu, inland freight charge should sound familiar to you.

Normally, there are only two price terms in international trade: FOB & CFR.

For FOB, exporters pay everything till container pass over vessel board. The prices quoted by exporter already include products value and all shipping cost from factory till container reaches vessel, including customs declaration.

For CFR, the quotes already include all of FOB PLUS ocean freight.

Both FOB and CFR quotes include the inland freight charge. That's why many importers didn't even notice it.

However, in Yiwu exporting business, the prices quoted from the market are all factory price. or we say EXW. The exporter (exporting service agent)consolidate everything in a container and arrange shipping. So buyers have to pay this inland freight charge from Yiwu to Ningbo port. 

What does Inland Freight Charge cover?

Usually includes:

#1 warehousing

#2 load men

#3 trucking the container from Yiwu to Ningbo port

#4 customs declaration and paperwork

How much is Inland Freight Charge?

  • 40"HQ container usually costs between 900USD.
  • A 20" container usually costs about 600USD

Above rates does not include the customs inspection fees if unfortunately, the container is randomly checked by China customs, nor require the "special declaration fees" if some of the products need CIQ certificates by China customs. If buyers appoint their own forwarder, the rate is usually slightly higher(50-100USD more).

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