i mainly sell in the european market through amazon

by Luca

Good day Jack.

My name is Luca i am the owner of an internet business that mainly sells in the european market through amazon, I have recently met one of your business partners, Lewis that gave me your name and contact as i have few product's ideas that i would like to personalize and brand and Lewis suggested me to start from the yiwu market and your expertise.

I would like to know if i could send you my ideas for you to evaluate and send me prices and feedback and start a new business cooperation.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards.

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Nov 15, 2016
We are charging 15$/hr
by: Jack

Dear Luca, thanks for getting in touch. As you can understand, develop and personalize products can cost weeks of time. We are charging 15$/hr. Are you prepared for this investment?

Nov 15, 2016
How are the 15$/h calculated?
by: Luca

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I understand and agree what you write.
How are the 15$/h calculated could you please explain that to me?
Kind regards.


Nov 15, 2016
This is repaid as credit.
by: Jack

This is repaid as credit. Refund balance or top up more as we move on.

We start from 2 days minimum, which is 16*15=240$.

Let me know if this works for you. Thanks

Nov 15, 2016
We would be grateful if you could explain the steps
by: Luca

Hello Jack,

I have few other questions i would like to understand what the whole cost would be from sourcing to buying and what is your line of work from the beginning to the purchase of goods.

So you charge $15 a hour based on 16h (that i should pay in advance?) to source the product made as i would like it,
once found it you let me know what would be the price per unit and the shipment. So we follow with the sample shipment if i agree we start the bigger production?

We would be grateful if you could explain the steps for the whole process in order to understand if we want proceed with the investment.

Thank you very much for your time.

Nov 15, 2016
we charge for all services we provide you from sourcing to you confirm PP samples
by: Jack

we charge for all services we provide you from sourcing to you confirm PP samples, by 15USD/hr.

Which can be:study and understand your requirements, evaluate your products ideas, find suppliers, negotiate best prices for you, follow up samples, sending samples.

Hopefully, we source / develop out a successful product that you can place an order. We will go further to handle your orders from placing order to ship you products, incl. quality control. We will charge 5% of your total products value as service commission.

we are very open your requests along the way too.

You can start with 2 days prepaid credit (2*8*15=240$). we will report you time consumption as we go.

Nov 15, 2016
we would like to hire your services and expertise
by: Luca

Hello Jack.

Sorry if i didn't reply to you before.

After a good brainstorming we would like to hire your services and expertise to find some products that we would like to resell on the english market .
Therefore would be amazing if you could tell me when you could start sourcing and what payments would you accept.

Thank you very much
looking forward to hear from you.

Nov 15, 2016
Please send all details. we use Western Union or bank account transfer as preferred ways
by: Jack

thanks Luca.

Can we start with 1 product? Please send all details (specs. and pictures) for us to evaluate first.

For payment, I know Lewis advised you not using Western Union for payment.

Unfortunately, PayPal is becoming horrible and nasty in China since sometime this year(it worked all fine previously). They just keep freezing money or robbing money (together with top brands and dog lawyers) for no reason (or not-understandable-and-unacceptable-reasons).

So we have to use Western Union or bank account transfer as preferred ways. Your understanding and cooperation this point is highly appreciated.

Nov 19, 2016
I understand your problems with paypal
by: Luca

Hello Jack
i was going to ask you to start with one product so yes.
I understand your problems with paypal i am sure we can find another way.

The first product we are looking for it's a xxxxxx towel for kids.

The material should be 100% soft cotton

color: two variation one blue one pink

measures are the following but these is just for your reference don't go too mad about them:

Body length from HPS: 42cm
Shoulder width: 30cm
chest width: 35cm
sweep width: 50cm
front width(left&right):19cm
sleeve length from CB neck to cuff edge 24cm
armhole: 16cm
sleeve opening: 11cm
hood height at CF: 17cm
hood width: 22 cm
Bath mitt:length*width 19x10 cm

both the product to go in a box.
We have a personalized box we would like to use as well measure are 32x6x28 cm ( attached shape and design)

The first order would be of 500 units to test the market.
ideally the price per unit would be $5 included shipment.

Let me know if this is a project you could help us to make real.
If you need anything else please let me know.

Kind regards.

Nov 19, 2016
Pls. send 360$
by: Jack

Hi Luca, I think we can have a try on this product. Pls. send 360$ as prepaid credit to:

City: Yiwu, China

We will start sourcing once payment done. thanks

Nov 19, 2016
I am sending you the screenshots of the payment
by: Luca

Hello Jack,
I am sending you the screenshots of the payment
please confirm once received.
Looking forward to start working with you


Nov 19, 2016
Thank you
by: Jack

thank you Luca, will work on Monday then update you.

Nov 22, 2016
the ALL-IN cost for you to pay for this product is about 20$/unit
by: Panpan

Hi Luca,

Here is the report for your sourcing.


1. Material: 100% cotton ( It is soft material. But it can not be as soft as the blanket)

2. Measurement : Body length from HPS: 39cm(include the tail)/ chest width: 38cm
sleeve length from CB neck to cuff edge 24cm/sleeve opening: 13cm
hood height at CF: 17cm/hood width: 22 cm

3. Qty: 200pcs/color(pink & blue as photos )

4. EXW: $3.6 (material: 320gsm cotton) EXW: $4 ( material:350gsm cotton)

5. Packing-

a.300gsm whitecard paper material with 4c printing
c. MOQ: 500pcs(two designs)
d.EXW: $0.8/pc

This is stronger than option 1.
a.1200gsm paperboard + 128gsm coated paper material
c. MOQ: 500pcs(two designs)
d.EXW: $1/pc

We can use 400pcs this time.The rest we can keep in our warehouse for next time.

6. Ship cost-
Normally shipping by air, air cost will count on gross weight or volume weight. Choose the large one.
As for our towel, volume weight is larger than gross weight. Packed in a box(32*6*28cm), volume weight would be around 1.2KGS/unit.
Shipping to UK, it costs around $5/kg door to door by FedEx / DHL.

Pick & pack, send individually to your end customer by our fulfillment center via China post 7-10 days deliver costs 15$/unit total, which means the ALL-IN cost for you to pay for this product is about 20$/unit for nice quality with nice package. If you can sell at 22$. You can have 2$ profit.

Hope this can help. Any doubts, plz kindly let me know.

Best Regards



Nov 27, 2016
Few comments
by: Luca

Hi Panpan.

Thank you very much for your update.

Just few things

1) As i previously explained to Jack We were also looking to include a mitt with every towel always the two color options blue and pink But i can't see it in your report. For the towel the 350 gsm will be our choice.

2) we decided to eliminate the carton box at the moment to reduce shipping cost therefore we would go with normal plastic bags. Would it be possible to have a ribbon that holds the products together and a tag with our logo on to be visible? of course ribbons will be blue or pink depending on the color of the towel.

3) About the shipment: altough we would like to have our first by air, do you also ship by sea?

Nov 27, 2016
Mitten & my suggestions.
by: Panpan

Hi Luca,

1) Mitt-

Option 1-
Material: 350gsm 100% cotton ( same material with towel)
Size: 19*10cm
MOQ: 1000pcs/color
EXW: $ 0.66/pc

Option 2-
Material: 380gsm 100% cotton
Size: 25*12cm
Have stock,but only blue color is available. Pink color is Cat shape.
EXW: $ 1.25/pc

2) Hanging tag-

Material: 700gsm coated paper
Size: 5*9cm
EXW: $0.15/pc

2) ribbon package-
The supplier can help to have a ribbon that holds the products together and hang the tag. We need pay extra $0.15/pc.

3) Ship by sea, we always do under FOB term, not door to door. We only know China inland cost around $180 for our products(Volume for 400pcs is around 1CBM). That means, you should add the sea freight cost and inland cost in your side. Then we can figure out the total cost.

Below suggestions are just for reference.

1. I also visit many sellers' web in Amazon of this towel. Many of them do not get good reviews of this product. It's cute. But the material is not so suitable for new baby. It's a little rough for baby.
Even Baby Aspen receives many 2-4 stars reviews.

2. Many Amazon sellers prefer to sell things by set. But for a new beginner, customize set is of too high cost.

3. I had done many sourcing for Amazon client. One client told us, if something in the Amazon, the selling price is around $19, the buying price should be around $4. Otherwise there is no margin.

Any doubts, plz kindly let me know.

Nov 27, 2016
by: Luca

Hi Panpan

Thanks for your fast reply and your suggestions.

So let's summaries:

Towel: $4 ( material:350gsm cotton)

Mitt: $0.66 We would like to go for option 1 do you think will be possible to order 200 units?
Tag: $0.15 is in this price included personalization?

Ribbon: $0.15

Shipment: How much would be now the price always based on 200 units shipped by air?

The prices are really good but do you have any suggestions about how we could keep the price per unit around $6 included shipment?

I am sure that by ordering more the price would go down but as you can imagine we would like to test the market with 200 units first.

As you understood this product will go on amazon Europe and would be amazing to have them send straight to the amazon warehouses in the UK, of course we would need to apply the amazon bar codes on each package do you think is something you could organize?

thank you very much for your hard work.

Nov 27, 2016
6$ is not possible
by: Panpan

Hi Luca,

They do not have this in stock, we can not order 200units. MOQ is 1000pcs per color. After negotiated, at least we need order 500pcs/color.
And the price goes to $0.88/pc.

2. Tag-
Yes. We can do our own design tag. But the size & material should be the same as quoted, otherwise the price will differ.

3. Ship by air-
As for 200units in poly bag, total volume would be around 150-180KGS. It costs around $5.2/KG. It would cost around 3.9-4.68/unit. Exact cost based on shipping date and real volume weight.

4. Handling fee-
As for order under $10000, we would charge handling fee $120/day. Real cost would base on how much time it need to follow up (from order to ship) .

5. Keep the price round $6/unit included shipment with 200units

Sorry. But it's not possible. Even ship by sea.
Towel: $4 ( material:350gsm cotton) + mitt: $0.88 + Tag: $0.15 + Ribbon package: $0.15 + handling fee(supposed $120,that means $0.6/unit)+ barcode $0.075/unit
=$5.855/unit +shipment

Hope this can help. Any doubts, plz kindly let me know.

Nov 27, 2016
5% flat commission
by: Jack

Hi Luca,

Just let you know that if you re-order this product via us later, we can work on a 5% flat commission instead of handling fee.

We are trying to make this work for you, and for us.

Nov 28, 2016
Thank you
by: Luca

Thank you Jack
that's fantastic! i really hope we can find a deal

Kind regards

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