How To Buy From China?

This article is for shops owners and stores owners(both offline and online), about how to buy from China DIRECTLY.

Why i say shops / stores owners?

That means if you own a chain store, or a big department store, or a pretty big online selling company, you're in the right place. Because this article is going to talk about buying wholesale from China directly, not buying retail(only 1 or 2 pieces). So you have to have some buying power.

Why Buy From China?


I know, obviously you already know why buy from China, that's why you come to this article about how to buy from China. But here i still like to tell you there is indeed some profit : 2.5 times more.

If your stores are selling 10,000 USD each day, your gross profit is 5,000USD. If you are buying from China directly, your profit will be 5,000*2.5=12,500USD, at least.

Above formula is from our customers, not us. That's how they're calculating their money, Ca-Chine!

How To Buy From China? EASY! if you know where to start.

A secret!

You don't need to search online for weeks to get information, or spend months with back and forth emails and online chatting for information. It's very LOW EFFICIENT, FRUSTRATING and BORING!

This is simply because you're not going to buy one or two items. You are going to buy for your stores, at least hundreds of items. You have to find a place offering ALL, or MOST of items for your stores, at real wholesale price, in China!

That place is YIWU!

You may never heard of this place before, but there is possibility that you some items on your store shelves now are actually from Yiwu. It's the wholesalers, who are supplying your store, are importing now.

The huge wholesale markets in Yiwu, generally called Yiwu market, is a right place simply for the fact they get tens and thousands of products under one roof, wholesaling 7 days a week.

In fact, it's just one big wholesale market called Yiwu International Trade City, locally known as Yiwu Futian market, where you can select most of items for your stores within 7-10 days.

For next season, you can come again for some new products for your shelves. Bestsellers can easily be re-ordered. Twice or once visit each year, 20 days. Your sourcing job is mostly done.

The rest is, you manage to sell these products, then you will see your profit numbers in your chart, doubled or even tripled!

How To Buy From China? EASY! if you're staying with a good agent.

A true secret!

From above, you know is really not that complicated to buy from China directly of you know where your products are. AND you can see them and check them all in a week time. That place is Yiwu.

However, importing from Yiwu would be something impossible if you don't stay with a good agent in Yiwu. Here you maybe interested in how to find a good Yiwu agent.

A good yiwu agent can handle everything from picking you up from airport till shipping products to your port, PROPERLY. Some agents can even ship products directly to customers warehouse.

You don't need to worry about following up orders from 40 suppliers, nor collecting and QC products and shipping issues. What you need at most is a forwarder in your own country help you clear your container through customs and ship it to your warehouse.

How To Buy From China? NOT that Scary!

If you start trying.

Normally, Chinese people are very friendly and warm. Of course, people are from different background and are with different education and training. Esp. they're from a totally different culture. They may be very different! But not scary.

Chinese factories and suppliers can normally do a good enough job. But as of insufficient skilled workers, right technology and management, right equipment sometimes, they may fail to meet your expectations.

From our experiences, if buyers can state and discuss each requirements to its full detail without any misunderstanding, Chines factories can usually (85%) deliver good enough products. After all, iPhone and iPad are manufactured in China, BMW and Mercedes all have partners in China to make cars.

Don't be scared away by yourself.

P.S. Sorry for any typos above as i don't have time to go over it right now.

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