How Long Should I Plan For Yiwu Visit?

Obviously, this will be up to how long your sourcing list is, and how much money you want to spend, AND how much you know your products.

Why I'm putting up this article as two of our recent visitors actually had planned more than they needed. It's somehow a waste.

Most of our visitors stay in Yiwu for the following time length: 

5-7 Days:

For this stay, our customers can usually mix several containers. Or select a full line for next season.If you're looking to order several containers from Yiwu, this time would be good for you.

You can usually spend the first half time browsing the market, have a general look and make necessary comparisons. Then spend your later half time confirming orders.

In this way, you can have a full coverage of the market to work out your best selection.

3-5 Days:

For this stay, our customers can often mix one or two containers. Mostly these products are of a same range. Say, all home decorations, all handbags, or all jewelry...

You can work in a same way, first two days walking the market to have a general look and make necessary comparisons, the last two days finalize your orders.

In this way, you can have a full coverage of your range of products in the market even visit a few nearby factories. 

1-2 Days:

For this time stay, most of our customers can not fill up a container. That means they will have to ship LCL. A large percent of them actually didn't order anything because of limited time.

If you're planning an exploring trip to feel what Yiwu market has to offer like. This time would be good enough. 


Above are the "normal" cases. Of course we also had customers came in, spent 6 hours in the market and filled up a container. This was largely because they REALLY know what they're looking for and they're very decisive.

We also had visitors spent 20days in all over China, just shipped out less than 10 CBM (cubic meters) products in the end.

A better idea is to ask your partner(agent) in Yiwu in advance. Send them the list and details, let them so some research and homework, and see what time they suggest. 

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