How to buy from with agent help?

Check product & price is designed for China local market, ALL in Chinese. in Chinese in Chinese language

However, you can translate by Google:

1688 site translated in site translated in English

You can even translate your product name as keywords. Take "refills" for example: 

Then you perform a search by coping " 笔芯" into search box:

search-on-1688-with-translated-Chinesesearch on with translated Chinese

Not bad. You can find related products.  Go further to product page:

Translated product details page on 1688.comTranslated product details page on

It also works!

But that's all for most of overseas buyers. They can search for information here. But for talking to the supplier or ordering a product, they need an agent.

Agent helps with samples and evaluate

Your agent go further to confirm products details, buy samples, check quality, evaluate supplier, finally locate potential suppliers.

find products on, nail art brusheswe find nail art brushes on, for our Amazon customer

buy samples from 1688.comWe buy nail brush samples from for our Amazon customer

check samples quality from 1688.comwe check samples quality from

verify suppliers on 1688.comwe verify suppliers on

check trade terms on 1688.comwe check trade terms on

After going through all above steps and try multiple suppliers, then decide the final supplier to work with.

Agent buy products

After confirming all details and terms, your agent can buy products for you. 

talk with suppliers on to confirm product detailswe talk with suppliers on to confirm brush manufacturing details

negotiate prices on 1688.comwe negotiate prices on for nail art brushes

talk quality details on 1688.comwe talk brush quality details with supplier on

talk MOQ (minimum order quantity) on 1688.comwe talk MOQ (minimum order quantity) with suppliers on

buy products from, nail art brusheswe buy nail art brushes from for our Amazon customer

Agent receive and inspect

Agent receive products after lead time. It usually require some follow up and push when supplier is producing, to avoid delays.

Agent receives products ordered on 1688.comWe receives brushes ordered on with 3 days after they send

Inspect products ordered from 1688.comWe inspect brushes ordered from

Take out defects of products ordered from 1688.comWe take out defects of products ordered from

Defects are either returned or fixed. Get refund money back if any.

Repack / bundle if needed

Agent can usually help with repack, to make different sets, packs, or bundles if needed. This is very important for online sellers on Amazon, eBay, wish...

Repack zippers ordered from 1688.comWe repack zippers ordered from

Repack zippers ordered from - 4 zippers * 4 colors *2We repack zippers ordered from by set of 4 zippers * 4 colors *2

Repack zippers set into boxRepack zippers set into box

Zippers ordered from repackedZippers ordered from repacked

Consolidate & Ship

An agent can usually consolidate different products from different suppliers, then ship out together, to save shipping cost.

Products from multiple suppliers on are consolidated by agentWe consolidated different products from multiple suppliers on

Consolidated shipments from multiple suppliers are packed into one containerConsolidated shipments from multiple suppliers are packed into one container

Container loaded and lockedWe load and lock container

Container ship to portWe ship container to Ningbo port

Container shipped to destinations worldwideContainer shipped to destination from Ningbo port

This is typically how an agent can do to help overseas buyers buy from

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