How Big Is Yiwu Market?

This is an old question, but people just keep asking non-stop. Here is the latest numbers / ideas i gave National Geographic Magazine:

National Geographic Magazine: 1)How many booths or stalls are in Yiwu commodity city? - at least 55,735 stalls total in Yiwu. Futian market has at least 46,241 stalls, according to official site of Yiwu market:

National Geographic Magazine: 2) How large in area is Yiwu commodity city?  - No idea. but walking from one end to the other end takes 1 hour on each floor, so times 5 floors, it will take 5 hrs just have a simple walk through. If you further times 12 (each floor has at least 12 streets), equals 60hrs, divided by 8hr per day, 7.5 days to passby each store. Plus a few other market places, it's safe to say: it takes 10 days to walk by each store,non-stop.  

National Geographic Magazine: 3) How many different products are manufactured there? - No idea. If each store sells one type of product, it's at least 100,000 different products.

National Geographic Magazine: 4) Regarding the shipping of products that are sold at Yiwu, how many shipper containers are filled per day? Or per year?  - No idea about the total shipments out of Yiwu. But according to YIWU PORT, a huge warehouse to load containers beside Yiwu Futian market, it ships out 1,000 TEU(20" containers) per day, it needs at least 500 trucks to carry these containers. 500 trucks line up on road is 10 km(6.2mils) long.

National Geographic Magazine: 5) I have also seen some statistics online about what % of the world's stuffed animals, or cheap goods are produced there. Do you have any statistics on this? - No idea on this part. But it think use the word "traded" here is better. Yiwu has products from all over China, and worldwide too. 

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