How to Get Access to My Money in Yiwu?

If you're working on your Yiwu visiting plan, one thing you surely need to plan is to have money in Yiwu.

  • Credit cards? - NO.
  • Traveler check? - Not recommend. Takes too much time in bank.
  • Debit card? - Yes, but expensive and has limitations.
  • Bank transfer to a Yiwu bank in advance? - ONLY if it's safe.
  • Best option? - Cash!

All shops in Yiwu don’t accept international credit cards. 

Debit/credit card with a Visa or Master Card logo, there will be no problem withdrawing money out of ATMs. Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank... all have ATMs accepting international cards. 

But withdraw money from ATMs usually the bank charge is high and there are limitations for how much you can withdraw once, and per day... 

For example, a China local card can only take out max 3,000 RMB/500 USD once and 30,000 RMB/5,000 USD per day. You need to check up these limitations and restrictions with your own bank. 

Carrying cash would be the easiest way. You can check with your customs for how much money (your local currency or foreign dollars) is allowed to take out of your country. Carry as much as you could, that's the NO.1 option. You can easily exchange in hotels and on streets. It's also pretty safe to carry cash in China. (it all depends on how you carry it.) 

If you plan to get LOT OF money in Yiwu, you can wire to someone's bank account in Yiwu(both personal / company ). Let them withdraw that from his/her/their account after you arrive in Yiwu. Usually it takes several working days to transfer money from your bank account to a Yiwu bank account. 

Obviously, you need to be sure these people won't keep your money. 

If just for accommodation, sampling and small deposit, carrying cash plus bank cards would be enough. 

P.S. Most banks in China don't exchange New Zealand Dollars, so New Zealand visitors have to exchange New Zealand Dollars to USD before entering China. 

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