Customs Tips for Import from Yiwu, China.

Read in Advance:

In most cases, you’ll need a customs clearance agent / shipping agent help you clear your orders when they arrive in unless your China agent can arrange door-to-door shipping service for you.

This article is only for those who have never imported from Yiwu / China. However, if you just want to import a few ctns or a few pcs, you don't need to read this article either. They can simply be shipped via courier like UPS and DHL. 

Ask Your CC Agent (Customs Clearance Agent) before Going to China:

Different countries have different regulations and limitations for importing certain products. Different cc agent will have different practical ways to help you with clearance.

So, you will need to talk to several good customs agents, before you come to China, to know what their suggestions are for the products you plan to import.

What are the certificates the customs require?

What are the practical ways to handle different situations?


This is not a 1-minute talk. You will need to obtain detailed, solid information as more as you can. This is very important because you can save a lot of time and money by doing this. 

Ask Your CC Agent before Placing Your Orders:

Once you’re back with a preliminary order list in hand, you should talk again with your agent. Tell them specifically what products are on your list. How they can help clear these products and what are the cost.

By doing this, you can know what you’re going to order won’t be confiscated by the customs. And you don't need to pay extra cost. 

Ask Your CC Agent after Your Products Finished Loading:

Once all your products are collected and loaded. Your agent in China will know the numbers like total ctns, gross weight, item names… and they’re going to make the customs papers for you.

The requirements for different products are usually different. The purpose of this talk with your CC agent is to know:

“How to make right papers?”

“What are the requirements and what are the practical ways to meet these requirements?”

“Which data must be exactly the same? Which data can be less accurate?”


Then pass all these info to your China agent for making correct papers.

After doing this, you can sit and wait for your products to arrive in, without worrying that they can get stuck in the customs. 

Ask these 3 asks, have these 3 talks. You will have a smooth transaction through your customs. And your China agent can also offer some useful suggestions based on their experiences. Don’t forget them ;-)

Do your due diligence. This is a once-off work. Things will be much easier for your next order. 

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