5 Steps For An Efficient Buyer Group Tour to Yiwu Market / Fair

Yiwu is becoming a unique place for buyer group tour for many purposes. More and more groups are coming. I share what can be helpful for tour organizers to have a productive group tour, based on our experience.

buyers group tour Yiwu hotelOur guides and US buyers group members in Best Western Ocean hotel.

Step 1: Know Your Group Members

Create a questionnaire form to know your members visiting goals & interest.

You may need to consider include the following:

1) What products are you looking to buy? Are you ONLY intereted in these products? Or you will also see other products if time available.

2) Provide images/links

3) Any special docs are required to import these products?

4) What kind of packaging do you prefer?

5) Do you already currently sell this product?

6) Where did you buy these products?

7) How much do you pay? What price point are you looking for?

8) What is your expected volume/qty each month?

9) How will you sell these products?

10) When will you be able to place your first order? (immediate, 3 months, 6 months +)

11) Do you have a sample/prototype you can provide us? Please bring with you to China etc...

12) When can you visit China? 

13) Goals for the trip - buy goods, do research, get a feeling for lay of the land

... ... 

buyers group tour Yiwu fair visitOur guides and Canada Amazon sellers at Yiwu Fair

Step 2 Get A Good Yiwu Local Agent

A good local agent is critical to the results of your tour. You may end up with less and less members if you hang up with a wrong local agent. 

Basically you need to see if an agent is:

1) Trustworthy?

2) Experienced & Professional?

3) Have enough resources and facility?

More details are available on how to find a good yiwu agent (this link will open in a separate window)

buyers group tour Yiwu market visitbuyers group tour Yiwu market

Step 3 Mix & Match

You have to work out a perfect schedule, and prepare enough back up options. 

  • Group right - you need to put right members in right groups according to their interests and goals. Having a member only interested in golf products tour around with some other people in fabrics section may not be a smart idea.
  • Match right - having a inexperienced part-time college girl to guide an established multi-millionaire businessman may not be a good option too.  This can really happen when the local agent is short of hands.
  • Prepare abundant resources on spot as back up. There are always uncertainties and accidents along the way. Be prepared.
  • Have strong group guides. The group guide need to be very experienced and capable to handle emergencies.
buyer group tour Yiwu agent officeBuyer group visit our office which is right in the middle of Yiwu market

Step 4 - Set Up Rules and Make Everyone Follow

  1. Passport - Passport needs to be at THE PASSPORT PLACE.
  2. Timing - train don't wait for passengers.
  3. Hotel keys in pocket.
  4. Emergency call number in wallet.
  5. A small bottle of water is necessary.
  6. ...Have a check list to make sure you don't miss.
buyer group tour Yiwu restaurantbuyer group members and our guides dinner at an Italian restaurant

Step 5 Have Feedback

You may end up with a productive or un-productive trip. Congratulations!

Have a questionnaire form and a few interviews to know how your members feel. Ears are more important than mouth.

Listen, then improve.

buyer group Yiwu transportationWe send off our buyer group at 5AM from hotel to airport

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