How to reduce shipping damage when buy from Yiwu China?

For a long time, shipping damage is a headache for buyers importing from Yiwu. The main reasons are:

Mix container shipping

Most items shipped out of Yiwu are mixed with lots of other items. So different sizes and different weights cartons are mixed loaded inside a container. If wrongly load, buyers may find lots of fragile items are badly crushed when unloading.

Original packing changed

Lots of items traded in Yiwu are from other locations in China. To keep factory information, some traders in Yiwu changed the original factory package.

Factory package is usually stronger. In other cases, cartons already damaged during transportation before they reach Yiwu, so Yiwu suppliers have to change new cartons.

*However, these shipping damages can be reduced to its acceptable level by experienced and professional export agents.Now please follow me to find some ways.

When Ordering:

We need always insist on safe packing when ordering.

Beside safe packing, the following steps are also important:

First, if we want to buy many fragile items, we must ask the suppliers to put fraigile stickers on the outside of the cartons (at least 2 sides), the stickers can let people know the goods need to be taken care of.

Second, at the same time, we can buy some “strong” items that can be put on container floor as base, so the fragile and light goods can be put on top of the “strong” ones.

Third, don't try to be always full. Many fragile items in one container makes CBM smaller than the normal ones.

For Example:

One 40 HQ container, total CBM is 68. we usually can load only about 65/66(because the different meas of the cartons). When it comes to lots of fragile items, esp. when some items can only be put “This Side Up”, it is impossible 65/66 CBM.

According to our experience, 60-64CBM is OK. It actually depends on how many fragile items and how different the cartons sizes are. This requires the agents people do good numbers ahead.

When Collecting:

Put top-cartons and base-cartons inter between.

This will make it easy to load base-cartons and top-cartons at the same time. Otherwise, load men have to put fragile items at the bottom, tragic will happen for sure.

This require the agent people very good planning ahead.

For example, which supplier, which cartons should be delivered first, which is second and which is third. They have to put the right cartons at the right location in the warehouse.

Double check labels.

All fragile labels and "this side up" labels have to be double checked.

When Loading Container:

In Yiwu, it’s always load men load the container manually (not by forklift), at the beginning, they will arranging the bottoming cartons, then they will have to stand on them to put the upside cartons, that is why we need to buy some goods to put on the bottom so that the worker can step on them, but damages won’t happen.

Human are all lazy (at somehow). Loadmen are all tough (at somehow). So the container load watcher(usually the agent people) have to have a close eye, to be very strict, and to be kind to them at the same time(buy them some drinks or even tip them)

When Unloading Container:

When the container arrived, the best way is the buyer can watch the unload and taking care of the goods with fragile sticker.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading. We will keep sharing as we learn.

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