Buy bicycles, bike parts & accessories wholesale from Yiwu, China.

If you own several bicycle shops or have some relationships with some retailers or you want to open one or two bicycle shops, can not afford to order very big quantity (several designs in the container) from the big factories, Yiwu market is the best choice for your business!

Buyer will be crazy why we do not know this great market before!


The bicycles and accessories part in the Yiwu market is not big, there are about 100 suppliers, you only need to spend 1-2 days to look over all of them roughly, this market offers bicycles, children’s bikes, mountain bikes, even some BMW, Benz,Hummer design bikes, electric bikes,baby walkers, scooters, and almost all the basic bikes and electric bikes accessories, etc.

For the accessories, there are only several suppliers, but they have mostly complete varieties that people need.


This is a good market for small quantity required buyers from all over the world.

People can order several pcs per design and mix many desigsns in one purchase for the bicycles, instead of one design requires 100 pcs or even higher quantity from the factories.

For the baby walkers, scooters, accessories, etc, 1-2 cartons (example 20 pcs in 1 carton, we need take 20-40 pcs) of each design for the stocks


Of course, the price will not be as low as factory that requires big quantity, but I have to say the price is ok for most of retailers and small wholesalers.

Some suppliers can get the price you asked for using different quality accessories, the higher the price the better the quality!


Suppliers usually keep stock, the goods can be delivered in about 7-10 days after order. The delivery time for bicycle accessories will be about 15-20 days (there are much bigger varities for the bicycle accessories than bikes).

The designs change quickly for bicycles, suppliers will not always keep same designs in stock, which is good for the buyers who always want new designs.

If you want to reorder, and the models are out of stock, some bigger quantity will be asked, for example: 50-100 pcs.

One more thing, leave some deposit with suppliers so they will keep the stock for you. (not sell to any other customers).

Hope the above information could give you some help of knowing bicycles and accessories market in Yiwu.

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