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Do They Have Stock?

As online sales boom globally. At least 30% of suppliers in Yiwu market carry regular stock now.

Besides, Yiwu market is a place of hundreds of thousands of suppliers, of course they are some stock now and then even it’s not the suppliers wish to keep stock. Left-overs, rejects, overproduced pieces… these are all opportunities for stock. 

Tips 1 – Bring Cash:

Stock items need to be quickly preserved. Stock today may not be in stock tomorrow.

Once you find out any stocked items you’re interested in, you need to make decisions fast and pay a deposit so the suppliers can keep stock for you. International transfers usually takes 1-5 days, it won’t be in time.

So the best way would be you bring enough cash. Let suppliers deliver as soon as possible. Pay them cash after delivery. 

Tips 2 – Have Storage Place Near Market:

This is very important.

Stock usually not big. Suppliers are not willing to transport far for a few cartons / bags of stock. But if your delivery addr.(storage place) is close to market, they usually don't mind deliver for free.

If you use an agent, make sure their storage place is near market. You can also stay in a hotel close to market and use your hotel for temporary storage.

Tips 3 – Packed, Sealed, Then Signed

Stock usually has more quality problems than ordered products.

For small items like jewelry and jewelry parts, it’s always safer if you can select by yourself, pack them, seal them with tape, then use a marker to sign a name on it (it can be your agent people’s signature or your own signature).

Usually, the suppliers can deliver right after they close their showroom on the same day.

If the items are big and can only be packed in the supplier’s warehouse, you can also do above in supplier’s warehouse to avoid future uncertainties and save a later QC. 

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