6 Advantages of Buying from 1688.com

After years of helping buyers buy from 1688.com, we would like to share some advantage of this website.

#1, BIG

1688.com is the BIGGEST online wholesale market in China. It has the most factory resources, and the most wholesale products. You can find whatever you need there.

factory-amount-on-1688.comA recent screenshot shows 15000 factories registered on 1688.com

products-amount-on-1688.comOver 10 million products are wholesale on 1688.com

#2 Consistent

Unlike offline wholesale markets, many suppliers on 1688.com offer consistent supply, which makes it easy to reorder. This is a big advantage for online retailers like Amazon sellers. Many suppliers also keep stock (inventory). 

PUBG style backpack in stock on 1688.comPUBG style backpack in stock on 1688.com, wholesale

#3 Low MOQ (minimum order quantity)

Compared to offline wholesale markets or manufacturers, many suppliers on 1688.com offers lower MOQ. 

metal pins MOQ 1500pcs on 1688.commetal pins MOQ 1500pcs on 1688.com
metal pins MOQ 10000pcs by Yiwu market suppliersame metal pins MOQ 10000pcs by Yiwu market supplier

#4 Transparent Price

Transparent prices on 1688.com makes price compare very easy. Buyer can select right supplier faster.

transparent price 1688transparent price on 1688.com helps buyer easily select right suppliers

#5 Original Sources

1688 makes it easier for buyer to find origin sources / factory for certain products in certain areas.

For examples, most of sunglasses are made in Taizhou; while 80% of non-woven bags in China are produced in Cangnan.

non-woven bags on 1688 from cangnan80% of non-woven bags in China are from Cangnan, Wenzhou

#6 Buyer Protection

1688.com offers a credit points system to protect buyers. Sellers account can be suspended or eventually closed if they violate certain rules (discrepancy, defects, delay...) . 

sellers-lose-credits-on-1688-when-they-voilate-rulessellers lose credits on 1688.com when they violate rules
sellers-account-suspended-closed-when-lack-of-creditsSellers account can be suspended or closed when they are lack of credit points.

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