5 Disadvantages of Buying from 1688.com

There are certain negative points of buying on 1688.com which need to be aware of .

#1 Quality

You lose your direct touch and feel about products selling online.  It's hard for a buyer to decide quality.

screeshot-complain-quality-on-1688Complain about quality of products received from 1688.com

#2 Shortage

Due to many reasons, buyer can receive shortage, or receive nothing after they buy. 

shortage-quantity-earrings-1688-supplierOrdered 400 earrings from 1688.com, received only 156
shortage quantity 2000 pcs PE bags from 1688Screenshot of conversation for shortage quantity 2000 pcs PE bags buy from 1688

#3 Package

Some product from 1688.com, packages are to poor to ship again. Have to  repack before shipping out.

products-with-poor-packages-from-1688Products from 1688.com ship in with very poor packages
products-from-1688-repackedProducts from 1688 repacked to ship again

#4 Damage

Buyers need to take their own risk for buying fragile products from 1688.com. Sellers are not responsible for fragile products damage. 

seller-on-1688-disclaim-not-responsible-for-damageA seller on 1688 disclaims they are not responsible for damage during transportation

#5 Coverage

Return-without-reason is not mandatory on 1688.com. In fact, most of sellers don't support Return W/O Reason. If you buy something you don't like it after receive(not because of quality), you can not return / replace in most cases.

return-without-reasons not mandatory on 1688.comReturn-without-reason is not mandatory on 1688.com. In fact, most of sellers don't support Return W/O Reason.

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