Yiwu Imported Commodities Mall

Yiwu Imported Commodities Mall brings fresh air:

If you visit Yiwu International Trade City today, you will not only find tons of cheap, OK quality, small brand(or no brand) Made-In-China goods, but you can also find big names and supreme quality Made-Around-World items.

Located on 5th floor, district 3 of Yiwu International Trade City, this 20,000 m2 hall is displaying products from 30+ countries, including big names like D&G.

Let's have a quick look first:

Africa Merchandise Center

Africa merchandise center yiwu

Stone sculptures, ebony sculptures, ebony spoons, African leather crafts, tambourines, masks, African paintings...

Brazil Merchandise Center

Brazil merchandise center yiwu

Amethyst crystal, crystal pendants, tabebuia, agate plate...

Costa Rica Merchandise Center

Costa Rica merchandise center yiwu

Costa Rica beers, drinks, canned food...

EU Merchandise Center

EU merchandise center yiwu

Brand suites, perfumes, red wine...

Japan Merchandise Center

Japan merchandise center yiwu

Japan Kichen knives, Japan wine, Japan lacquer, Japan slim underware, Japan curtains...

Malaysia Merchandise Center

Malaysia merchandise center yiwu

White coffee-latte, cappuccino, bee jelly, aquilaria hand ring, fish oil...

Vietnam Merchandise Center

Vietnam merchandise center yiwu

Perfumes, banana chips, coco candies, coffee beas, vietnam crafts...


Of course, these centers can not be substitutes for you to source extensively from those countries, but they do offer new opportunities and help you with profitability studies.

As more and more centers are on the way, Yiwu International Trade City is becoming REAL international.

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