Is there any possibility to receive wrong product or less quality product?

Possible to Receive Wrong Product or Less Quality Product?

Sure, there are always possibilities to receive less quality products UNLESS you send out very clear QC instructions before placing orders, AND your Yiwu agent does a good job with QC. This can reduce the possibilities, but can not eliminate the possibilities.

Receiving wrong products possibilities are relatively low, unless your Yiwu agent does not do any QC(this can happen).

If it happens what should I do?

A better way reduce loss is to choose a good agent to start with. You can ask them for their QC procedure/work flow, and what they can do if you receive wrong products or less-than-quality products.

Importing is a very long process, lots of things during this process can happen and effect the final results. Only if everyone does its job good, can customers receive a satisfying result in the end.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. So importer should bare in mind that importing can turn out to be very rewarding, but can also be very risky. Rewarding but risk-free does not happen in importing business. Buyers need to be prepared to take risks and eat loss.

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