Shoes MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) in Yiwu Market China

Dear Jack,

I Talked to you over the phone regarding the MOQ in the Yiwu market.

I intend to buy:800 styles,6 pairs of each style,(4800 pairs)2 or 3 colors in each style,(4800 X 2or3 colors=9,600-14,400 pairs total)10,000 to 14,000 pairs total

This will be the first time MOQ but later every time the MOQ will be more.

Waiting for an early response from you.Thank you,M

Dear M,

Nice talking to you over the phone just now.

I checked our customer records. For each style and each color, the MOQ is at least 72 pairs(5/6 sizes). You can calculate 100 pairs each style and each color for general. If your shoes are cheap, the MOQ will be bigger. If your shoes are expensive, the MOQ can be a bit smaller.

There are also some suppliers keep stocks. But you can't count on that because you may not like the stocks.

So for your planning, you may need to reduce your styles for the first time to 60-80 styles.

Hope this helps.

-- Best Regards

Jack Yang

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