Shanghai to Yiwu Train Schedule

Full Shanghai to Yiwu Train Schedule:

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===Updated on Dec.01, 2014===

The VERY fast train, G Train, from Shanghai to Yiwu lunched. This new train(actually new railway) makes the whole journey even shorter, only one hour and a half. The old D train retired.

Here is latest timetable:

G7359 09:46 11:18

G1347 09:51 11:27

G1349 10:50 12:26

G1351 11:50 13:30

G1387 12:20 13:56

G1355 13:50 15:26

G1303 14:15 15:51

G1361 16:45 18:18

G1393 17:46 19:19

G7371 18:13 20:13

G1395 18:35 20:08

===below info about D train is not useful any more===

For Bullet trains, you need to check 动车(D)or EMU(D), then you have the time for all bullet trains from Shanghai to Yiwu. (If a train no. initialed with D, like D5665, then it's a bullet train )

Express(T) is the 2nd fast. Any way, you can see all the time in there.

===Updated on Feb, 10. 2014===

From Shanghai to Yiwu, we only recommend taking the fast bullet trains. Other trains take too long.

Below are the fast bullets trains schedule:

D675 05:54 07:59

D5651 06:40 09:12

D5689 06:48 09:23

D97 07:40 09:58

D5661 08:47 11:20

D105 08:53 11:11

D5677 11:17 13:42

D681 13:11 15:59

D5653 14:17 16:42

D91 14:49 17:16

D5663 15:35 18:03

D93 16:10 18:27

D673 17:49 20:46

D637 18:46 21:16

D641 22:08 00:22

D645 22:15 00:55

*Below downloadable PDF was ONLY updated to Feb.23, 2012, NO USEanymore. We don't offer any downloadable timetables.

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