Can You Contact This Supplier For A Certificate Required By My Customs?

Our Situation:

For several times, we receive emails from our customers asking for certificates for the products they imported from Yiwu, when their container is holding at their customs.

This is HARD.

We would start making phone calls, visit different suppliers for a certain certificate... we had to rush even we had very urgent things on hand, because our customer was paying a fee each day.

Fortunately, we managed to obtain certificates successfully for a few times, still we failed to get certificates for many times because suppliers simply didn't have any certificates, or even had any single idea about the certificates we were asking for... The results? Our customers paid a fine, or their products were confiscated. They paid a lot other fees for emptying the whole container to find these cartons...

In each first email, we told our customer to talk to their customs clearance agent about their products list before placing deposits. But because there are hundreds of products in a container, sometimes our customers might overlooked some...

What Certificates Do I Need?

Talk to your customs clearance agent, BEFORE placing any orders!

Different customs have different rules. The only people who know these rules is your customs clearance agent. This is their job. That's why you paid them.

So show your customs agent your list if you're not sure. If the suppliers can not offer certificates, just don't place orders with them. Stay away from the headaches.

Again, remember the time is - before paying any deposits.

Can Suppliers in Yiwu Offer Certificates for Their Products?

The answer is a few can, most of them can not.

The few big boys, of course, can offer any certificates your customs ask. But most of the small factories don't have any certificates at all.

Certificates are expensive. It cost a lot for small factories. Also products from small factories may fail to qualify a certain certificate.

So make it clear at the beginning. If the suppliers can not offer certificates, just don't place orders with them. Stay away from the headaches.

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