Tips for Mixing A Full Container From Yiwu China

One of the best things of Yiwu market is it's super easy to mix a full container with assorted products. Because millions of products are wholesaling under one roof.

But, there are still some tips for you to mix container from Yiwu market...

Some Products Require Export Inspection Certificate

According to China law, certain products need to pass an inspection called Export Commodity Inspection, before shipping out.

The goal for this law is, to ensure certain products exported from China is SAFE for overseas consumers.

For example, toys need this inspection to make sure it's safe for kids. Electrical appliances and cables require this inspection to make sure they're not easily cause fire. Jewelry require this inspection to make there are not much heavy metal inside...

If the products are tested and passed these inspections, they will be granted a certificate. With this certificate, products can be exported.

However, 99% of the suppliers in Yiwu market don't have this certificate for their products. It takes too long (about 2 weeks)to obtain certificates. So most the time, the exporters in Yiwu just buy a certificate for an LCL shipment, or pay a "special" declare fees to get a FCL shipment out.

*Here are the tips: try to mix a container of products that don't require export inspection. So you don't have to pay this "special" declare fee(200-300USD). Or you mix another container of products require inspection and pay the fee.

Some Products Require Fumigation

Similar as above.

The tips here are: mix a container of products that don't require fumigation, mix another small container of products require fumigation.

Full container fumigation is much faster and easier to operate. The overall cost is similar to LCL shipments.

Order A Bit Less Than Full Container In Cubic Meters

The cartons measurements suppliers quote you may not be exactly same as the final cartons. Even suppliers quote right carton measurements, but because of vary sizes of different products. It's almost impossible to load the container to fully capacity.

For example, a 20" container should be able to fill 28 cubic meters. But because of the reasons above, it can usually hold 25 cubic meters.

So order 2-3 cubic meters less for a 20" container. Order 4-6 cubic meters less for a 40"HQ container. For 20",usually 25/26 cubic meters is fine. For 40"HQ, 60-64 cubic meter would be all right.

* Sorry for any typos above as i really don't have time to go back over to have a review now. Thanks

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