Chain Store Owners Import From China Directly

This article is mainly talking about chain store owners importing from China directly.

With our years of experiences of helping (chain) store owners importing from Yiwu, China. We hope this article indeed offers some useful information for those (chain) store owners to start importing from China directly.

Yiwu Market Is A Good Start

To chain store owners, i'd really suggest you come to Yiwu market to start importing from China directly.

This is simply because Yiwu market makes importing from China so much easier based on the fact - 80,000+ wholesale showrooms under one roof open 7 days a week, you can imagine how this market make things easier for overseas buyers.

Let's see one example:

Our hand bags customer usually visits Yiwu twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn. He spend about 7 days for each visit. During these 7 days, he browse thousands of showrooms and select hundreds of products for his catalog for coming season.

Then he place orders and get samples one month later, together with his orders. We courier samples to him for photo shooting and setting showroom purpose.

This would be impossible if there is no such a thing like Yiwu market.

Imagine without a market like this:

Our customer have to search online for weeks to find the potential suppliers, then spend other weeks with emails, online chatting, and phone calls to confirm details and arrange samples, then place orders.

Our customer usually select about 50 suppliers to start with. That means he need to talk to 50, or at least 20 suppliers at the same time if he doesn't import from Yiwu. You can just imagine the headaches...

My customer will also need to clear at least 20 shipments when the products arrive...

Another advantage is Small Quantity.

Also take my customer's case. He only orders a few hundreds bags from each supplier to start with. Then reorder if any of these bags sell well.

For a single supplier, a few hundreds bags won't look attractive at all. This supplier may cooperate for the first time, hoping BIG orders come in. But it will be VERY HARD for a single manufacture to produce a few hundred bags for several colors.

We have several other customers also own chain stores or department stores. The results proved that Yiwu is quite a good place for them to start importing from China directly.

A Good Yiwu Agent Can Help You Importing From China Easier

Yiwu market offers you great convenience for selecting your products. A good Yiwu agent will help you with following up your orders till they reach your port.

(You may also be interested in how to find a good Yiwu agent).

There are also thousands of export agents in Yiwu can help you do everything after you make your selection. They can not make you headache free, but with their help, it will definitely be headache-less.

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