Can Yiwu Suppliers Do My Packing?

The answer is YES.

Suppose you own 10 shops and you prefer your own logo, packing, bar code, cartons... to be used. You even want the carton are marked with your different store address so you can just deliver them right away after they arrive in.

Is it possible?

Yes, but it's actually done like this: your agent make all packing materials and suppliers just put them on.

You just need to send your packing instructions and design files to your agent people, they can find a packing company to make the packing, your agent then dispatch them to different suppliers, suppliers put them on.

What Are The Cost?

Suppliers usually don't charge extra for packing labor if your packing are not too complicated to them. But it all depends on different situations:

Say if you need the suppliers pack in your way when it's close to a long holiday like Chinese New Year, suppliers may want to charge extra because it costs them more if they want to keep staff before holiday.

If your packing is not simply put on a card and put in a box, or paste a sticker, the suppliers may also want to charge more.

Anyway, it's always a good way to let the products fully packed in your way before they are shipped out. This can save you LOTS OF MONEY than you do it afterwards.

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