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If you are a professional socks’ buyer, Yiwu international trade city never let you down...

Socks are located in the district 4, floor 1, there are more than 3000shops which is specialized in socks. Silk stockings, sports cocks, leggings… are all available. Zhuji city near Yiwu (1 hour by car) is famous for socks. There are thousands of socks factories, there are also many first-grade socks factories in Yiwu.

You can find all kinds of socks you want, not only there are variety of styles for you to choose, but also they can do OEM. Cotton, wool and polyester socks are all available.


Many of the socks suppliers in Yiwu market keep stocks. Yiwu market is not only for foreign trade business, it’s also the biggest socks base for domestic market.

For the styles which are in stock, usually, the MOQ is quite small, 200pairs-400pairs (1 ctn) for one design, assort of colors.

Pls note that, for most adults’ designs, there is only 1 size. But for kid’s socks, there are usually 3 sizes. For children’s socks, you have to order all the 3 size, 3ctns each size. However, for the styles are no stock, the MOQ is 2000-3000pairs for 1 size. But if you choose many styles in that supplier, the MOQ is still can discuss.

Price Level:

Wool socks are the most expensive, cotton is the second, and polyester is the cheapest. The price is not only based on the material, but also the gram weight, link, needle and so on.

This cotton sock is about 50g/pair, the price is around $0.4 with no seam. If with seam, the price will be $0.25.

Normally, a sock with hand link is about 0.3rmb/pair more than the socks with no seam.


How to tell cotton or polyester?

For some socks, the supplier called full cotton socks, but sometimes, they are not actual 100%cotton. Basically, all the socks have some stretch yarn inside to keep them flexible. But how can distinguish the content of cotton?

Very simple, you just need a lighter. Pick a yarn out, and fire the yarn to check the speed of the burning and the smell. The faster it burns the lower cotton it contains. If it smells like burning the hair, it represent this socks have a high content of cotton.

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