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If you happen to have several fashion accessories stores, and your quantity is not that big to fill up a container with a few products, then come to Yiwu and MIX!

If you already checked this site carefully, you can realize that Yiwu market is really a good place for mixing a container of fashion accessories.

  • Yiwu Jewelry Market: A floor of around 3,000 booths of jewelries and hair accessories just inside Yiwu International Trade City, and another 1,000+ shops around the main market for parts and findings...
  • Yiwu Bags Market: Over 2,400 shops sit on the first floor of district 2, Yiwu International Trade City. This means you can easily pick up dozens of styles, one hundred or two hundreds pcs per design. Usually mixed colors.
  • Yiwu Scarves Market: Another half floor of 1,400 wholesale shops. Hundreds of thousands of designs. You can also easily pick up dozens of designs at a quantity of 200-300 pieces per design of several colors...
  • Caps and hats market: About 1,010 hats and caps suppliers of lady's hats, men's hats, kids' hats, dancing hats, newspaper boy's hats, clown's hats... summer hats, winter hats...all types of hats are also located inside the same main market!

Belts market, cosmetic accessories market, beauty tools... can all work like above.

This is to say, as long as you can accept 10-20 dozens pieces per design of jewelry, bags, scarves... you can come to Yiwu and mix a 20 feet container easily.

I suppose this quantity should also work fine if you have a few stores, or you're supplying a few stores.

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