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If you're looking to buy cheap crystal items from China, but don't from where to start, this article would help you with some solid information.

Of course, as there are thousands of crystal items from about 100 suppliers, I can’t list all of them here. Instead, I would just go for the main types of crystal items so you can evaluate the potential using your own expertise.

And, because the prices are fluctuating from time to time because of material price, labor cost, currency exchange, and market demands etc. The prices here can only serve as reference, NOT actual prices.

* Disclaimer: we try all what we can to provide objective and actual information, but we can't GARANTEE the info posted here are 100% right, for all the time. And we are not responsible for any loss caused by the information here.

Buy Crystal Items from Yiwu China – Variety and Price Level:

Yiwu does not produce any crystal, but it's pretty strong for crystals. This is because Pujiang, a city 30 minutes away from Yiwu, is well known in China for making crystal items. A lot of Pujiang crystal producers set up their selling offices in Yiwu market.

There is an exclusive section called "crystal and ceramics" on Floor 3, District one of the main market. Most of crystal suppliers are in this section. You can also find a dozen crystal shops on the same floor. A few more shops in district 4 are also selling crystals.

These shops are wholesaling either on behalf of their own factory, or on behalf of other factories they represent. Variety is very good.

A big crystal clock in Yiwu market
big crystal clock in Yiwu market, China

This 16cm high crystal clock is about 12.50 USD/per.

A small crystal clock for wholesale in Yiwu market,China
crystal clock

This 10cm high small clock is about 5.15USD/per.

A clear crystal ashtray in Yiwu market, China
clear crystal ashtray

This clear crystal clock is about 12cm in diameter. Price is about 1.75 USD/per.

A color crystal ashtray.
color crystal ashtray wholesale china

This is a color crystal ashtray. 8.0 cm diameter. Price is about 1.30 USD/per.

A small clear crystal cone.
crystal decorations

This clear crystal cone is about 40mm base, w/ a Buddha carved inside, about 0.73 USD/pc.

A colored one.
small crystal decoration

This is multi-colored small crystal cone. About 40mm base. K5 crystal. W/ some letters and an animal figure carved inside, about 0.41USD/per.

A crystal angel with led.
crystal angel led

This 7.5 cm high crystal angel, with a led bulb at the bottom , can display in 4 colors. Price is about 0.88USD/per

A crystal owl in Yiwu market.
crystal owl

11.0cm high. K5 crystal. About 2.20 USD.

A crystal horse wholesale
crystal horse

Small crystal horse. About 13.0cm high, 2.50 USD/pk.

Small crystal acrylic flowers.

This is not crystal. It's acrylics! 10.0cm high. 6 colors assorted in a case. Only about 0.21 USD / per.

a crystal rose
crystal rose

A small crystal rose. 9.0cm tall. W/ cell battery and led bulb at the bottom to display 2 colors. About 0.22 USD/pc.

A crystal wedding favors
crystal wedding favors

Gift packing. Can be used as wedding favors. 11cm tall. W/ cell battery and led bulb at the bottom to display 2 colors. About 0.35 USD/pc.

crystal fruits in Yiwu market
crystal fruits

Many types of crystal fruits are also available in Yiwu market.

a small crystal globe
small crystal globe

This crystal globe is about 5.0cm in diameter. 0.34 USD/pc.

A clear crystal medal.
crystal medal

K9 A grade crystal medal, 20.0cm tall, about 5.90 USD/per.

a crystal candle holder
crystal candle holders

Small crystal candle holders, 16.0cm tall, K9 crystal, about 3.95 USD/per.

a small crystal bottle
crystal bottle

small crystal bottle, about 6.0cm tall, 0.40 USD/per.

a big crystal bottle w/ gift packing
big crystal bottle

big crystal bottle, about 26.0cm tall, w/ gift packing, about 33.00USD/per.

Buy Crystal Items from Yiwu China – Quality and MOQ:

Crystal items here are from low end to high end. They supplying different markets from mid-east to Africa. MOQ, in most cases, is 2 or 3 ctns. Total purchase value about 300 USD.

Some Important Tips:

As most of the crystal items are heavy and fragile, they need VERY GOOD packing. If the packing is poor, you will find them arrive in pieces.

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