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China didn’t start this feather hair extension trend. Till recently, still nobody wear these feathers in China. However, now China is manufacturing 90% of feather hair extensions in the world.

Feather hair extensions started in US at end of 2010 by a few celebrities. As always, China is very fast with manufacturing new products. At end of March 2011, some feather hair extensions already showed up on Yiwu market – one of the biggest wholesale marketplaces in the world.

Now, around 50% of the hair products showrooms in Yiwu market have feather hair extensions displayed inside.

Where Produces the Most Hair Extensions in China?

According to data from top B2B gateways in China, Guangdong and Zhejiang province produce the most feather hair extensions.

Guangdong province supplies a lot of fine dyed feathers, including the newest product–fluorescent dyed feathers. A few factories Qingdao and Changzhou are also producing feather hair extensions.

In Guangdong province, places like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Foshan all have suppliers for feather hair extensions. While in Zhejiang province, Yiwu has the most suppliers for feather hair extensions now. (A lot of them are distributors)

Where Supplies the Cheapest Hair Extensions in China?

Feather hair extension is a very simple product. A few pieces of feathers, a chain (sometimes a knitted small braid) and a clip (sometimes no clips) are putting together. That’s it. Different color feathers (Most of the colors are dyed) combined out different styles.

Some rare feathers can cost a lot of money, but the main cost of a piece of feather hair extension is LABOR - the labor to put these few pieces together and pack them with a card. Whoever can reduce the labor cost can have a better profit and offer a more competitive price.

From our experiences with suppliers in Yiwu, the way they’re producing can really reduce the labor cost to its minimum.

These Yiwu suppliers firstly buy all the necessary parts, and dispatch these parts, along with physical samples to the nearby rural villages.

Inside these villages, they have hundreds of people assemble these feathers at home. The suppliers just have a few QC managers watching from place to place during production. When production finished, these feathers are shipped back to Yiwu again.

This way can really reduce the cost, but at the same time, there are more quality and production schedule problems. You cannot always have all, at a same time.

Where Are China Made Feather Hair Extensions Exported To?

Currently, US is still the biggest market for these feather hair things. But countries in Europe like Spain, Italy are also showing demand. South American countries like Brazil is also start importing from China now.

Seems these China made feathers are going to fly all over the world.

feather hair extensions China

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feather hair extensions China

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