Uni POP Display

Yiwu has a dozen POP paper display suppliers. We can recommend UNI POP display as a GOOD supplier for corrugated paper POP display stand(PDQ and CDU) because of their expertisereliability and fair price

We have been working with them since 2014. Now they're a member of our group.

POP display showroom Yiwu ChinaUni POP display showroom in Yiwu China

They have developed many POP displays for Walmart: 

Paper Displays in Yiwu ChinaLots of POP Displays from them are put in supermarkets like Walmart.
POP Corrugated Paper Displays in Yiwu ChinaMore POP Corrugated Paper Displays.

Mr. Huang (owner) is an expert for POP displays:

POP paper display designer Yiwu ChinaMr. Huang is an expert for designing paper displays.
POP display professional in Yiwu ChinaMr. Huang is testing bearing capacity by standing on one of his unfinished display. Many displays will be full filled with products before shipping out.
POP paper display factory in Yiwu ChinaMr. Huang is cutting POP paper displays in his factory which is 20 mins away from Yiwu Futian market.

Displays filled with products, then loaded into container:

Corrugated paper display filled with products from Yiwu market.1.3m tall corrugated paper display filled with make up sets from Yiwu market, ready to be loaded into container.
corrugated paper display filled with products, fully packed, then loaded into container.Corrugated paper display filled with products, fully packed, then loaded into container right in Mr. Huang's factory.

Price list for POP paper display stand:

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